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Karos Percussion Ensemble

The Karos Percussion Ensemble was founded in 1989 by Lee Young Wan, a principal timpanist of the KBS Symphony Orchestra, and the finest professional musicians from prestigious music schools in Korea and abroad who majored in percussion.

The Karos Percussion Ensemble is a world-class percussion ensemble that adeptly plays more than 100 percussion instruments. With its wide- ranged repertoire from classical to modern creative pieces, the ensemble has attracted many regular fans by actively performing nationwide and abroad, showcasing the unique tones and mysteriousness of percussion instruments.

Having also spread the excellence of percussion instruments through the “2018 Pyeongchang Culture Olympics,” Karos Percussion Ensemble is a top percussion ensemble striving to promote and popularize Classical percussion music.

Music Director/Conductor
Lee Young Wan

Sung Joong - Ki

Yoon Kyoung Hwa

Lee Hyunjeong, Kim Jaesin, Kim Na-yeon

Cho Young-jo, Kim Hyejin, Lee Hyun-kyung, Woolee, Park Hye-ryeong, Kang Daae, Lee Se-young, Han Hyun-jae, Yu Yeonju, Daniel Han, Kim Daeun, Lim Jeong-ha, Kim Minji, Hong Minji, Kim Giyun



Address 445, Yangnyeong-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea