17th – 18th JUNE

  • Eric Moore
     The Founder of Gospel Drumming

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    Genres : Gospel, Folk, Dance/Electronic, Reggae

    · Champion in a national drum competition on 2003 (Drum-off)
    · TOP 500 Drummers by DRUMMERWORLD

    Eric Moore was born in 1982 in Stockton, California.
    By the tender age of 18 months old he began his connection with rhythm by beating pots and pans in his mother’s kitchen.
    It was clear very early on for Eric and his family just where his passion lay. Eric grew up, musically, in the family's local church.
    It's there that he learned the craft of musical expression and honed his skills behind the drum kit.
    In 2004 Eric began touring with R&B masters Sly And The Family Stone, that same year the Internet sensation 'Gospel Chops' was launched with Eric featured on the drum kit alongside industry heavyweights Tony Royster Jnr and Thomas Pridgen on the 'Shed Sessionz Volume 1' DVD.
    This event would later establish a movement in the world drumming community that is still poignant today and further cement Eric Moore's name as an up-coming force in the international drumming industry.

  • Eddy Thrower
     Rock Drumming Superstar in UK

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    Genres : Rock

    · Drummer of top UK rock band Lower Than Atlantis
    · One of the UK’s busiest session players, working with artists as One Direction and Linkin Park,
    as well as playing on records for movies, and TV adverts.

    Eddy thrower is the drummer of top UK rock band Lower Than Atlantis.
    Prior to this and even still, he is also one of the UK’s busiest session players, working with such artists as, One Direction, 5 seconds of summer, and Linkin Park, as well as playing on records for movies, and TV adverts.
    Eddy has also toured and performed with artists such as Blink 182, Linkin Park, You Me At Six and A Day to Remember.
    His band Lower Than Atlantis is always a favorite on the UK festival circuit and they have played Reading and Leeds an unprecedented four times, Download Festival twice, Boardmasters twice, Rock Am Ring and Graspop to name but a few.

  • Gerald Heyward
     The Godfather of Gospel and R&B Drumming


    Genres : Gospel, R&B

    · One of the most sought after drummers in the R&B World
    · TOP 500 Drummers by DRUMMERWORLD

    Gerald Heyward's performance resumé reads like a who's who in R & B music.
    As one of the most sought after drummers in the R&B world, Gerald is constantly in demand.
    Considered by many to be the "Godfather" of gospel and R&B drumming, Gerald crossed from the altar to the stage to play with artists such as Blackstreet, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot, Puff Daddy, Brandy, Mary J. Blige and Coolio.
    Gerald Heyward began his drumming career in his church, but soon his outstanding talent inevitably brought him from the altar into the spotlight. Known for his fat grooves, Gerald Heyward's playing philosophy is as straightforward as his style: he always keeps it simple and plays for the song, not himself.
    Today, Gerald Heyward finds himself constantly in demand, and recently, he has toured with the likes of Chris Brown and Beyonce.

  • Alexis Von Kraven
     Strong and Powerful, Hard-styled Drummer

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    Genres : Rock, Metal

    · Awarded best metal album in 2006 at the Independent Music Awards in the USA
    · Joined 2016 Seoul Drum Festival as main artist

    Alexis Von Kraven was born in Mexico City and started his drumming career at a very young age in cover bands. After a few years of experience, In 2006 AVK joined forces with INNER TURBULENCE (awarded “best metal album” in 2006 at the Independent Music Awards in the USA) AVK became the new drummer and producer for the legendary Canadian rock band MOXY.
    During 2014 AVK joined forces with euro-metal band Exorcism as their new touring drummer, filling in for drummers Mark Cross (Helloween/Firewind/At Vance) and Garry King (Joe Lynn Turner); recorded an album for “Black Raven”
    AVK’s Youtube channel has reached over 10 million views and tens of thousands of subscribers due to his experience, talent and successes.
    He has recorded albums for bands and artists like Heavens Fire, Eternal Halloween, Hollywood Monsters, Eyes on Bricks, Steph Honde, and many more.
    Also in 2019, AVK was featured as a guest drummer in the album <Thriving on Chaos> in the song “I’m The Best You Can Get” which also features guitarist Glen Drover (ex-Megadeth) for the super group Hollywood Monsters, and other artists such as Vinny Appice, Danko Jones among many others.
    To this day, Alexis Von Kraven continues producing music, recording sessions, and touring for several projects of different genres, including pop, funk, rock and metal around the world.

17th JUNE

Cool Guys Duo Kim Seul-ong & Jang Won-young
  • Kim Seoul-ong
     Member of Group CNEMA

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    · 2011 Won Champion in KBS Top Band as band TOXIC
    · 2022 2ND place in JTBC Super Band 2 as band CNEMA

    Drummer Kim Seul-ong has joined KBS <Band Survival TOP Band> program on 2011 as Band Toxic, and won the champion.
    10 years after, on 2021, he joined JTBC <Super Band 2> Program as Band CNEMA, and gained lots of attention once again by winning the second place.
    Not only drumming, he also has the ability of synthesizer, piano, base, producing, composition, chorus, etc. Moreover, Producer You hee-yeol has praised him by saying “The top drummer in time-keeper part, and the top veteran producer in Super Band 2.”
    Drummer Kim is participating in lots of festivals and concerts such as 2022 Beautiful Mint Life with his outstanding drumming skill.

  • Jang Won-young
     K-POP Session drummer

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    · Joined performance section with the artists such as Sam Kim, Crush, Soyun, Eric Nam, Yang Da-il, Jeong Dong-hwan, etc.

    Drummer Jang Won-young has worked as Band South Club with the frontman Nam Taehyun.
    Then he has formed the band WESS with the members who joined JTBC <Super Band2> together, and issued single album on December 2021.
    Also, he has variety of skills such as producing, drumming, percussion, chorus, etc., and collaborated with famous artists such as Sam Kim, Crush, So-Yoon, Eric Nam, Yang Da-il, Jeong Dong-hwan, etc.

  • Kim Soo-jun
     Professional Drummer for Top Singers

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    Drummer Kim Soo-Jun, also known as Rummer D, has played with Band Jung Won-young and Telefonist, and also played in many fields such as movie, album, concert, festival, etc. On 2011, he joined Montreux Jazz Festival as main stage artist, and also in 2021 HITC Festival in L.A.
    He has collaborated with top artists such as Yoon-sang, Lee Ssang, Jung-In, Lynn, 10cm, Crush, Geeks, BMK, and many more in album and concert parts. Now he is playing in Band Joo Hyun-mi, and Band Rummer D & the soul soup suckers.

18th JUNE

  • Lee keon-tae
     The Legend of Korean Drumming


    · Group Songolmae, Deulgukhwa Member of ‘The Birth of a Great Star’ with Cho Yong-pil
    · Director of Korea Recording Musician Association
    · Member of PAPA’s Band

    Drummer Lee Kun-tae is also called as the Legend in Korean Drumming.
    Firstly he played in the EUSA, then joined <The Birth of a Great Star> through “Black Butterfly.” He has collaborated with Cho Yong-pil until 4th album recording, then joined <Deulgukhwa> and <Songolmae> afterwards.
    After that he joined <The Birth of a Great Star> again and played until 2003.
    Now, he is the Director of Korea Recording Musician Association, and continuing his music life as the member of PAPA’s Band.

  • Rising Stars dreaming to be the next Drum Legend
  • Jeong Hyun-bin
     2021 Drum Contest General (Professional) Category Silver Prize


    Drummer Jung Hyun-bin is a rising star that has his own original rhythm and style in various genres.
    Now he is the drummer of Band Turn Off, and collaborated with the hip-hop artists like Kiddking, huh!, $IGA A in performance and live session.

  • Song Young-bin
     2021 Drum Contest General (Professional) Category Grand Prize

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    Drummer Song Young-bin has focused on the music of his preference for composition and drumming rather than official education since he was little, and formed his own creative music value.
    His drum style is influenced by several genres like Jazz, Post-rock, Ambient, Progressive Metal, etc. He has awarded in several competitions, such as KyungHyang Applied Music Concours and Seoul Drum Festival, and playing performances and recording in various genres.
    Currently he’s continuing his study in Practical Music, Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts.

  • Lee Su
     2021 Drum Contest General (Professional) Category Gold Prize

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    Drummer Lee Su is the member of Band Daedong and Band Flint, and also playing in many fields such as album, concert, etc. Recently he has won the Gold Prize in 2021 Seoul Drum Festival.


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