August 21 (Fri)

  • Lim Yonghoon & Sambistas

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    Lim Yonghoon, the first Korean to play at the Zildjian Headquarters in the US, is an unparalleled stylish drummer active in various parts of Asia. Lim Yonghoon & Sambistas is a band, as the name suggests, that features new-style music based on Brazilian music and is composed of the best musicians for each part. In this year’s Seoul Drum Festival, along with Lim Yonghoon’s gorgeous drum solo, the band will perform familiar popular songs arranged into Brazilian tunes.

  • Thomas Lang현지 온라인 생중계

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    The world’s mega-class drummer with millions of YouTube views Thomas Lang is from Vienna, Austria, and started playing drums at the age of five. Lang has performed with many renowned artists including Paul Gilber, John Wetton, Robert Fripp, and Glenn Hughes. Released in 1995, his solo album “Mediator” has reached the rankings in Europe and was acclaimed for the innovative Jazz/Dance/ProgRock sound.

  • Hwang Minjae Band (feat. Benji)

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    Hwang Minjae is a rising drummer who won the Grand Prize in the 2018 Seoul Drum Festival and went onto the finals of Superband 2019. In this year’s festival, Hwang will present powerful drumming highlighted by the sound of a full band consisting of the drum, guitar, bass, and keyboard, while also supporting vocals and the entire performance with stable grooves.

  • Gerald Heyward현지 온라인 생중계

    Gerald Hayward has earned strong support and trust from musical instrument companies with his extensive experience and collaboration with outstanding artists including Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, and Jay-Z. Many promising drummers and artists seek advice and inspiration from Heyward. He has achieved great success in the unpredictable and constantly changing music world for over 20 years, guiding young global drummers.

  • Chung Kun Young Trio

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    Chung Kun Young Trio is a group formed by world-renowned vibraphonist Chung Kun Young, who is based in Europe, with bassist Lee Seonghwan and drummer Lee Jinho to share his music and communicate with the public. The Seoul Drum Festival 2020 will be Young’s official debut in his home country.

August 22 (Sat)

  • Oj Jongdae X Trio Works

    Oj Jongdae is a leading Korean jazz drummer whose nickname as the “busiest drummer” represents the trust that many musicians have bestowed upon him. Trio Works, a band comprising Charlie Jung, who has many domestic and international fans, Sung Ki Moon, who is one of the most spotlighted Hammond organ player and jazz pianist, and Oj Jongdae, who boasts rich musical experience and excellent leadership, creates the most spectacular and profound sound that a trio can provide.

  • AMHO (Drummer Kim Seungho) feat. DJ Kaesama

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    AMHO, a project band of drummer Kim Seungho and bassist Goo Bonam, collaborates with DJ Kaesama, who is famous as the director of Zico, for Seoul Drum Festival 2020. Active band members Kim Seungho and Goo Bonam have also participated in the album production and concerts of numerous musicians who are leading the Korean pop music scene such as Lee So-ra, IU, Crush, Zico, Jung Eun-ji, AKMU, Jukjae, and Kim Feel, together or individually. Recently, the two started their new career as a singer-songwriter duo, releasing their new single “Still Love You” in July. Kim Seungho, selected as a Yamaha endorsement (official sponsorship) artist in April, has also worked with the company under the contract.

  • Hwang Sunghwan & Han Sangwon Band


    This year’s Seoul Drum Festival will be a rare opportunity to experience the performance of this band, which is composed of drummer Hwang Sunghwan who has been acclaimed for his energetic drumming based on traditional funky grooves and his performances that cross over different genres including fusion jazz and rock, and Korea’s top guitarist Han Sangwon who has participated in over 170 albums of leading Korean musicians including Gigs, Bom Yeoreum Gaeul Kyeoul, Han Young Ae, GOD, and Deux.

  • Michael Shack현지 온라인 생중계

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    Michael Schack has actively performed in Europe, North/South America, Asia, and other parts of the world, fascinating audiences with his opulent and dynamic drumming and his vivid interpretation of repertoires of different genres. His overflowing talent and passion always shine on the stage, and his social media accounts are constantly visited by fans who want to watch his performance videos that captivate both their ears and eyes.

  • Jeong Gwang-hyeon X Purple Rain

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    Purple Rain is a five-member band that has teamed up for JTBC’s talent show Superband in 2019. Their band name represents the members’ pursuit of a music style that can evoke emotions like rain by harmonizing the elegance of blue (classical music), the energy of red, and the passion of rock. They recently released their first EP “Op. 01” and are actively performing for a wide range of audiences.
    Drummer Jeong Gwang-hyeon, guitarist Yang Jiwan, bassist Kim Hajin, and pianist Lee Na-woo will perform at this year’s Seoul Drum Festival.